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Manual vs Electric Toothbrush: Which is best for brushing?

Posted by Caroline Cook on 19-Dec-2017 13:17:00
Caroline Cook

One thing our dentists are commonly asked here at Dental Excellence Harewood is whether a manual or an electric toothbrush is better. The answer is ultimately, whatever works best for you! However, they do have different benefits, allow us to explain in more detail and you’re free to decide which is the best choice for you.

Is a manual toothbrush better for cleaning teeth?

The manual toothbrush has many benefits, most people appreciate that there are a larger variety of brushes than many versions of its electric counterpart. It also comes in various sizes, and some even feature a handy tongue cleaning option, which most electric toothbrushes do not include.

However, using a manual toothbrush can cause some problems as some people unknowingly press too hard on their gums and this can lead to the gum area and tooth’s surface becoming too sensitive. Modern electric toothbrushes ensure that this isn’t the case warning when the toothbrush is being pushed too hard against the tooth or gum. Many also feature a timer which ensures that you’re not overbrushing and are doing the recommended time.

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Is an electric toothbrush better for cleaning teeth?

The electric toothbrush features some additional benefits that ensure that your oral health is being kept up to scratch. As the toothbrush is constantly rotating, it shifts away more of the food and drink debris which has been left on your teeth after eating and drinking.

Yet some people dislike the electric toothbrush because they’re not quite as flexible which cause some people problems when brushing. There is of course a cost element which many consider, as a manual is much cheaper.

There is also the new ‘battery powered’ manual toothbrushes, which just makes things even more complicated. A lot of people think these are similar to an electric one, however, this is not the case, as rechargeable electric ones offer a lot more power. Whilst they do offer similar benefits, they’re much more similar to the manual brush.

It's all down to your preference

Ultimately, the choice is entirely yours, as to which you believe is beneficial to your oral health routine, however, make sure you’re following your oral heath routine to ensure that you’re taking correct care of your mouth.

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